Data protection in six easy steps for small businesses

Are you new to data protection and don't know where to start?  Data Protection Essentials is here to guide you through your first steps, with free guidance available to download or view online.  

Designed for smaller organisations, the six steps introduce the UK Data Protection Act, and the basic requirements to help your organisation comply with the law.  

You can download the guidance documents - do this by adding to the basket and then checking out, and you will be emailed the documents.  You can also view the content online instead if you prefer, but it doesn't look as nice as the downloads!  There is no charge for the guidance documents, and small charges for training materials and templates to help cover the costs of the site.

Ready to start?  Click here.  And welcome to data protection!

We'll be launching a further 12 steps (6 'manager' and 6 'advanced' level) soon to deepen your knowledge

I’ve heard there is a new data protection law coming – do I need to worry about this?  No, not yet.  There is a chance a new law may be agreed early in 2015, and even if it is you’ll have until 2017 to prepare for it.  We’ll start providing everything you need once the new law is passed. Register with the site and we'll keep you updated. In the meantime, you still need to make sure you meet the requirements of the existing law.

These programmes are not suitable for those working in Healthcare and Government - these industries have specific issues that are not addressed here.